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Become a New York Notary

Become A New York Notary Public

What you will in our New York Notary Seminars!

New York Notary Public Training seminars are recommended for individual applicants working in all businesses, industries.   We will help you understand the laws so that you pass the Notary examination in New York State.  We have been training Notaries since 1999 with a 99.9% passing rate for first-time Notary applicants!

Our New York Notary classes are great for those who want to work as New York State Notaries Public, Mortgage Notary Signing Agents and Mobile/Traveling Notaries to earn money part-time or full-time.

Included in the New York Notary Seminar Registration fees are:

  • Comprehensive New York Notary Public Training Manual
  • Sample New York Notary Public Questions & Answers
  • Notary Examination Schedules & Dates for New York State
  • Notary Examination Centers
  • Continental Breakfast where available & refreshments

If you cannot attend a New York Notary Class, we have the solutions for you?

New York Notary Public Self-Study course options are available:

  • Online NY Notary Examination Practice with graded Questions & Answers
  • Online NY Notary Training Seminars with Practice with graded Questions & Answers 
  • Home-Study NY Notary Training Work Book with Questions & Answers
  •  NY Notary Video Seminar CD's with graded Practice Notary Questions & Answers   

Dual-Commission Notaries Public

New York or New Jersey residents and employees of either state can benefit from reciprocity offered between the two (2) states. 


You may apply to become a Notary Public in both states if you qualify as a resident or non-resident employee in either state according to state Notary laws.


New York Notaries may also apply to Connecticut or Massachusetts if they work in those states.  They can become non-resident Notaries in the states where they work. 


New York Attorneys may also apply for a commission if they are a member of Bar Association in those states as well.


Pennsylvania Notary Commission and Reciprocity

New Jersey Notaries and New York Notaries who work in Pennsylvania may apply to become a non-resident Pennsylvania Notary.

Pennsylvania residents can also become a New Jersey Notary if they have a job or are employed in the State of New Jersey.


Fax a request to (518) 473-6648 or you may call any of the customer services
numbers listed below: 

    New York City: (212) 417-5747 
    Albany: (518) 474-4429 
    Binghamton: (607) 721-8757 
    Buffalo: (716) 847-7110
    Syracuse: (315) 428-4258 
    Utica: (315) 793-2533 
    Hauppauge: (631) 952-6579