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FREE Sample Notary Test Questions

Practice New York Notary Test Practice 

We have created this practice Free Notary Examination for our students to see what they need to know before taking the New York State Notary Examination.

While the Notary test is never provided to anyone from the state, we have created this practice examination from our experiences teaching the NY Notary Test Preparation Classes and having written many books for New York Notaries Public over the past 20 years.

These Practice Notary Exams will help to show you how the actual Notary examination will be.  There are several Notary exams given by the State. It is not simply one exam given t every student in every location twice a day!  Many think this or have told me that their have been advised of this.  This I can say is false!

The passing grade for the New York Notary Examination is 70%. No grade is provided on the PASS slip.  Simply if you have achieved 70% or higher you will get a PASSED stamp; if not your exam results will show FAILED