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How can I contact NotaryTrainer.com?

Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu to contact us. You may also send an email to us at NotaryTrainer@aol.com.

Our telephone number is (732) 553-0654
I want to become a Notary Public? What Can I Do?

Please refer to our Notary FAQ page for the qualifications in each state.

There, we will have more specific information for your application by the states which we service.
How can I Become a Notary Public in my State?

Please contact the office responsible for Notaries Public in your state. This may be the Governor, the Lt, Governor, the Secretary of State or the State Treasurer.

Each state has a different office responsible for the commissioning of Notaries Public. The qualifications and application procedures are often listed on the state website for Notaries Public.
How can I order Notary Public Supplies for my State?

Shop our website at www.NotaryTrainer.com and see all the offerings for all states in the US.

If you need somthing special for your Notary commission; please send us an email at NotaryTrainer@aol.com.
Can I Become a Notary
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Can I notarize something for a spouse and family?

Can I notarize something for a spouse or family members?
Can I notarize something if I didn't see the person sign the document?

How do I Renew my Notary Commission?
Each state differs in the number of years which they commission notaries. Check to see what you state requires.

In New York notaries are commissioned for four (4) years.
In New Jersey notaries are commissioned for five (5) years.
In Florida notaries are commissioned for four (4) years.
Age for Notaries - New York State

Is there an age requirement to become a notary in New York State?

Notaries must be eighteen (18) years of age to become commissioned as a New York State Notary Public.
Notary Mistakes-Can I get in Trouble?
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Notary Mistakes-Document Rejection?
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Expired Notary Stamp
Expired notary stamps should not be used to notarize documents.

A new stamp with the correct commission ID number and expiration date should be ordered. To order a new notary stamp, please visit the homepage at http://www.notarytrainer.com
How Does Being a Notary Make You More Employable?
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Does a Notary Commission Expire?

Yes, in all states but Louisiana Notary Public commissions must be renewed.
In New York State the commission if for four (4) years. The Notary Examination is taken only once if the commission is renewed every four (4) years.
Notary Exam Results in New York State

Notary Public Examination results in New York are mailed to the Notary via First Class Mail within 5 to 10 business days.

Exam results are not provided immediately after the examination.

Exam results in New York are not typically a grade. The Notary Exam results are either PASS or FAIL.
A PASS result with be provided if the applicant received a score of 70% or higher.
What is Material Misstatment in New York?

Material mistatment may include the following:
*False statements about felony arrest and conviction records
*False Statements about removal from office by the NY Secretary of State office for another office.
*False information regarding nationality - To Become a Notary in New York State, one must be a Citizen or a Permanent Resident Alien of the United States. Bernal vs. Fainter 1982
According to New York Notary Laws, a Notary applicant may see that one must be a Citizen of the US in order to become a NY Notary Public. This was over ruled by a Supreme Court decision in 1984 Bernal vs. Fainter 1982
Criminal Conviction - Becoming a Notary Public
Name Changes for Notaries in New York Sate
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Address Changes for Notaries in New York State
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Notary Renewal - How Long Does it Take?

Renewal applications are mailed by the County Clerk offices in which the notaries are commissioned.
This renewal form will be received sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the notary commission.
The renewal application must be completed, notarized and returned as soon as possible tot he County Clerk office in the county where the Notary is commissioned. It may take up to ninety(90)days for the commission to be renewed.
Notary Supplies - Does the State Send Me?

No, In New York the State does not issue notary stamps and seals.
Notaries must order these items on their own.
www.NotaryTrainer.com sells notary stamps and many other notary supplies for Notaries Public.
Notary License - What Does it Cost?

The cost to become a New York Notary Public is:
  • $15.00 for the Notary Examination
  • $60.00
  • for the four (4) year Notary Commission payable to the NY Secretary of State's office in Albany, NY dollars for the State Notary Application.
    New York Notary Exam

    The NY Notary examination is a one (1) hour exam.
    There are forty (40) questions.

    The Passing score for the New York Notary Exam is 70% or Greater!

    It is administered on a First Come, First Serve basis. No appointments must be made for the examination. Should you require special acomodations.
    Notary Exam - About the Exam, What to Bring

    What Should I Bring to the Notary Examination?

  • The application fee for the New York Notary Public Exam is $15.00

  • State issued ID must be taken tot eh Exam with your correct name on the ID card.

  • Nothing else should be brought to the Notary Public Examination. No books, calculators, food, drinks or guest are allowed. Also not allowed is talking during the examination!
    All questions must be asked to the onsite NY notary exam proctors.

    You may pay for the Notary Examination with a Visa or MasterCard Credit Card a Money Order or Personal Check may be used.

    A credit card sheet is available at the notary exam location or you may obtain a "fillable" payment form from the main page of http://www.NotaryTrainer.com Look on the right for the link to the online course.

    There are various notary examination centers throughout New York. Please take a look at the Notary Exam. Applicants may take a look at http://www.NotaryTrainer.com for the exam schedules.

    These exam schedules are modified in January and in June of each year. New York Notary Exam Schedules may be found at http://www.NotaryTrainer.com
    NY Secretary of State Notary Contact

    To Contact the New York Secretary of State Offices in Albany, NY please follow this link for the website: http://www.dos.ny.gov/about/contact.asp

    Albany, NY Office Address New York Department of State One Commerce Plaza 99 Washington Ave Albany, NY 12231-0001
    GPS USERS: Use Zip Code 12210 to locate the Albany Office.

    Contact the New York Department of State in New York at the following address: New York City Location for the Department of State New York Department of State 123 William Street New York, NY 10038-3804