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New York Frequently Asked Questions

New York State Notary Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply to become a New York State Notary Public?
  • Each applicant must be at least 18 years of age

  • a legal resident of the US ("Green Card" holder or citizen)

  • a resident of New York State (or maintain a place of business, be employed or have an office in New York State), and

  • have no prior felony convictions in New York or any other state or territory of the United States. 

Can a non-resident become a New York State Notary?

Residents of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut (including Attorneys admitted to practice in New York State) may become a NY Notary if they are regularly employed in NY State or maintain a business in the state. Non-residents do not have to be a Notary in their resident state prior to applying to become a New York State Notary.

The written examination must be passed by all non-resident applications except for those who are Attorneys admitted to practice in New York State. Attorneys simply apply and pay the fee to become a Notary in New York.

How long are Notaries commissioned for in New York State?

New York Notaries are commissioned for a period of four (4) years

Is there an examination to become a New York State Notary?

Yes, passing a written examination is required before an applicant can become a New York Notary. The Notary examination is given at authorized Notary test centers throughout NY State. A listing of these New York Notary test centers, dates and times of the Notary examination can be found on the New York Department of State website. http://www.dos.ny.gov/

What is the passing score for the written New York State Notary Exam?

Applicants must correctly answer at least seventy (70%) of the questions to pass the New York Notary examination. However, the State reports all exam results as either passed or failed; a numerical score will not be provided to Notary applicants

Results will not be given over the telephone. Do not call Licensing Services for exam results.

What type of Notary Public examination is given in New York Satet?
  • The written Notary examination is in the multiple choice format and,

  • applicants will be allowed one hour (1) to complete the forty (40) questions.

  • Applicants select answers by filling in circles (•) on a machine-readable score sheet provided at the examination site.

Note: Failure to apply for a Notary Public commission within two (2) years of the date of the examination will invalidate the results.

How does a person apply to become a Notary Public In New York State?

Please review our seminars page as well as our Notary books  to help you pass the examination.  We also have an Ebook available as well as online New York practice examinations for those who need to take the examination as soon as possible.

The New York Notary exam is given on a first come first served walk-in basis.

The Notary Exam fee is $15.00, payable by MasterCard or Visa credit cards only. Personal Check, Cashier's Check or Money Order made payable to the New York Department of State. Cash will not be accepted for the New York Notary Public Examination.

The New York Notary examinations cannot be pre-scheduled. The Notary test is a "first come, first serve" examination. Arrive early to the NY Notary test center locations as seating is limited in some locals. We recommend 15 to 30 minutes prior to the Notary examination.

**Bring Government issued photo identification and be ready to provide a thumb-print before taking the Notary examination.

Approximately two (2) weeks after taking the Notary test, a "PASS" or "FAILED" notice will be mailed to applicant at the address indicated on the threes  (3) part form provided at the Notary examination center.

Upon passing the New York Notary examination, send the completed and notarized New York State Notary application along with a Credit Card payment of Visa or MasterCard, a personal check, Cashier's Check or Money Order for $60.00 made payable to the New York State Department of State with the Notarized Notary Application form AND the original PASS slip from the Notary Exam.

You must find a New York State Notary to notarize your New York Notary application when applying to become a New York State Notary. Your will take the Oath of Office in front of the New York Notary Public and then sign the application after taking the Oath of Office.

DO NOT SIGN the Notary application until you are in front of the New York Notary  as an Oath of Office must be given by the Notary and taken by the applicant.