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Notary Renewal

In New York State the Notary Public license is valid for four (4) years from the approval date.

New York Notary license renewal forms DOS-0026 are mailed from the County Clerk Office where the Notary has their signature on file, in other words; where they are Commissioned or are Qualified as a Notary Public for New York State.

A Notary renewal form is mailed to the address on file with the county approximately sixty (60) days prior to the Notary license/registration expiration date. Please maintain your address up to date with the county and State to avoid delays in the renewal of your commission! The New York Notary Commission Renewal Form CANNOT be obtained online.

There is a $10.00 fee for address changes with the State. Please visit the county offices for the New York Notary Public address change form DOS 1473-f.

If it is less than thirty (30) days from the Notary Public license expiration date, and you have not received a Notary renewal form from the County Clerk office where you are qualified; email the County Clerk's Office where you are commissioned and request a renewal form as soon as possible. This may be available onsite only at many offices throughout the State of New York.

Your email must provide the County Clerks  all of the items listed below:
1. Your full and legal name as you are commissioned in New York as a Notary Public
2. Mailing address (Current address, if you have moved since the last commission.)
3. Type of license renewal form you are requesting (Notary Public)
4. Your Notary license identification number (i.e. 01NA123456, 02NA123456)
5. The expiration date of the Notary Public commission. (This can be found online at the State website if the commission has not yet expired. See the
www.NotaryTrainer.com home page for the link to the State site.)

Your Notary renewal form will be mailed to you ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days from the date your emailed request is received by the County Clerk office. This form should be completed and notarized, then sent to the County Clerk in which your are commissioned or have moved to for processing.  This processing will take up to three (3) months! Once they have cashed your payment or processed the payment on your Visa or MasterCard, you are considered renewed! Order your Notary Supplies from www.NotaryTrainer.com