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Gerrie, I passed!!!!! I am a full fledge notary….well once I receive my stamp and seal from NotaryTrainer.com!
First let me tell you what a GREAT instructor you were! I attended your June 18th class in Manhattan. On the day of my NY Notary exam there was a line of students with their phones out studying last minute notes as we waited for the doors to open…I had my class booklet from the NotaryTrainer.com Notary Public Seminar  LOL!
Out of the 40 Notary test questions; I stumbled on five (5) but went back to them and answered confidently after I finished the other Notary exam questions.
On the way out EVERYONE that I encountered feared that they had NOT passed the Notary exam!
NOT ME! My attention span is about a total of  30 minutes LOL!
Your instruction and stories kept me engaged the entire class day!
Thank you so much for the LOVE of your job and just being you!
I PASSED! Thank you for providing such an excellent class to prepare Notary applicants for the New York Notary Examination.

I am forwarding the paperwork and payment to the correct entity to complete the process of becoming a NY Notary Public, as you so clearly stated (and repeated) during the class!
Thanks again,
I got the Prepare and Pass Ebook and I PASSED the exam the 1st time.  Your book is great!!  I love the quizes at the end of every chapter.  The (6) practice exams at the end were so very helpful! 
Great job with the study guide.  It made a difference for me and was definitely worth the investment.

I PASSED the NY Notary Public Exam!

I took the Notary exam in New York City on Wednesday, got the results this Saturday!  

In addition, thank you so much for such an enlightening experience in class.

I will surely recommend your class. I also studied the book you gave me in class. It pretty much included EVERYTHING that was on the New York Notary Examination.


I just got back from the New York Notary Public test.  I know I didn't get 100%, but I'm sure I PASSED.


Hi, Gerrie,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I took the NY Notary examination this morning and I believe I PASSED!!

I read and studied yesterday for 3-5 hours (on & off); if I studied a solid five (5) hours, I know I would not have second-guessed myself on some of the questions.

But I wanted to say that your Prepare and Pass the NY Notary Exam Self-Study Guide is right on point!! 

I will let you know the true results in a couple of weeks.

Hey, for a gal who reviewed the day before the exam, I think I did fairly decent - imagine if I studied harder!!! : ) 
You are amazing....

Stay tuned.

Gerrie, I cannot thank you enough! I am the Masters degreed student who took another NY Notary class and was so disappointed that I failed the exam! Nothing was taught in class that was on the exam.

Your class was truly awesome!  Your style and methodologies!  WOW! is all I can say. By the time I left your class, I just knew I had to take the exam right away as I knew that this time, I would PASS.

I wanted to say, I did!! I am so happy and my confidence has been restored! Thank goodness for people like you who just love what they do and do it well! Notarytrainer.com will be my recommendation to all who need to pass the exam.

Hello Gerrie

I took your morning class in Norwich, NY. I wanted to let you know that I took the test in Albany, NY the following Tuesday. It may have been the easiest test I’ve ever taken—your class definitely made the subject matter easily understandable. It really put it in plain English. I received my NY Notary test results yesterday, and I PASSED. I am sending my Notary application out to Albany today.

Thank you Gerrie!

Hi Gerrie, just wanted to thank you for your help in training me to take and PASS the New York Notary examination. Three of us took the New York Notary examination immediately following the Notary seminar on Tuesday and we ALL PASSED the exam!!

Thank you,

First and foremost I want to thank you for giving such a wonderful and informative New York Notary class. It has been 23 years since I've been in a classroom and just as long since I've taken a test so I was very nervous about the whole process.

With so many Notary training websites it took me weeks just to decide which one I was going to go with.  I'm so glad I chose www.NotaryTrainer.com !

The testimonies on your website were a big factor in my decision. I took your class last Monday evening, and I took the test on Wed. I got my results yesterday and I PASSED! Everything you covered and said could possibly be on the New York Notary exam, was on the exam. It was amazing! With taking just a few of the practice tests; I realized some of the NY Notary test questions were very similar to the practice exam questions you gave us in.

After the test I was chatting with a couple of other ladies that took the test and they said there were questions on there that they were absolutely clueless because they said it was not never covered in the training course they took (obviously not yours). They also mentioned it was just too much information to learn when they took the class.  Not a problem for your students! We learned it all and more.

Your study guide was formatted in such a way that it was an easy read and actually enjoyable to learn. By clearly noting what sections would be covered on the Notary exam and going over them again and again throughout the NY Notary course was key to me passing and more importantly retaining the information so I know what I can and cannot do as a NY Notary Public.

Again, thank you very much and I'm 100% satisfied with the services rendered. There are a couple of other people in my office that plan to take the Notary exam and I'm definitely going to recommend they take your Notary class!

I wanted to inform you that I have PASSED my Notary Public exam and will be sending the application out today. I would also like to thank you for your teaching style and everything else to boost my confidence.

I want you to know that you are great and your seminar was also great. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I come across who may be interested in becoming a New York Notary Public.

Firstly, I should start out by thanking you for making the whole NY Notary Public application process easy as pie!!

Your Notary Public class and your class instruction are right on!

I don't know if I could've done it without your Notary class! After taking the class, I was so prepared relaxed taking the Notary test that I walked away knowing right away that I PASSED.

I just received my NY Notary Public ID card in the mail and I'm in the process of purchasing my Notary Public Supply Package from NotaryTrainer.com


Hi Gerrie,
I took your class in Latham, NY back. Just wanted to let you know that I took the test in October. I found out on Oct. 7th that "I PASSED". 

I would highly recommend your Notary seminar. (I was the one who already took the online Notary course from a different company and wasn't confident when finished if I would pass or not)

I could hear your voice inside my head telling me the right answer. LOL!

So thank you. Keep doing a wonderful job.
April J.
Hi Gerrie!
I took your Notary class on Friday. I took the NY Notary examination yesterday, and received my PASS receipt.
Hi Gerrie,
I received my results for the New York Notary examination and I passed. Your NY Notary Public class and manual were the key to my success on the New York Notary exam.  Thank you!

Vanessa G.
After your Notary Public class on Tuesday, I thought the test was very easy this morning in Albany, NY. I felt very prepared after studying the Notary class manual. I am confident that I PASSED the New York Notary Public examination. Thank you again!!!
Hi Gerrie,

I took the New York Notary test this past Wednesday and was so surprised to get my results in the mail yesterday Saturday. I PASSED!!!

I plan on taking my Notary Public application into the office tomorrow for processing at the Albany, NY location on your advise that we will get the commission faster.

You gave a great Notary course and I felt very confident after taking the New York Notary test after studying your Notary seminar booklet and having sat through your NY Notary class. I will be ordering supplies once I get my New York Notary ID number.

Michelle P.

Thank you for the New York Notary course you taught in Rochester, NY. The NY Notary exam was a breeze after your New York Notary Public course.

Dear Ms. Pierre-Fleurimond,
I studied your New York Notary Self Study Guide and took the New York Notary test last week. I believe I did well on the test – there were only two questions that I had to eliminate answers and make a best guess on.

The Notary guide was straight forward and easy to understand. I googled the official New York Notary laws and began to read them; I kept seeing information from your Notary Self Study Guide and felt satisfied that I was getting adequate information without all the legel “mumbo jumbo”.

I did the Notary practice tests several times. I found that very helpful in that they showed me the information I’d missed and I was able to go back and relearn that section.

So now I’m waiting for my PASS notice from New York State.
Thank you for your help with this task.

Good Morning Gerrie!!!

My name is Hillary, I was in your June Class in Latham NY. I took the Notary Exam the week after your class and I just got my results yesterday… I PASSED!

I could not have done it without your class, you are an AWESOME teacher and you made all of the legal "stuff" so easy to understand. I went into the test with confidence knowing that I had your class behind me!

So I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your knowledge about the New York Notary Public examination was so helpful!

I passed the Notary Exam, so thank you for making it easy to learn, your class was extremely helpful. I know a couple people who want to take the exam so I'll deffinitely refer them to you're class. Thanks again Gerrie.

Just wanted to let you know my co-worker and I PASSED our New York Notary examination on the very first try because of the AMAZING prep we got from your study guides!

Neither one of us had any legal knowledge (we're social workers) and were pretty nervous about taking this test. We both knew pretty mcuh every answer, and the questions were formatted EXACTLY like the practice ones!
Thanks again! 
Gerrie, I just wanted you to know. I received my results in the mail today. I PASSED the NY Notary Examination just like you said I would.  I will definitely recommend your course to others.

Thank you so much.  I'm overjoyed! Woohoo!
M. B.
I just wanted to pass along that I PASSED the New York Notary examination!!
I was pretty confident after taking the Notary exam, because I knew almost every answer before looking at the 4 choices. There was only ONE out of 40 question I was uncertain about. So, I did feel good after taking the Notary exam. The results came back SO FAST, too – 9 days !!!

Anyway, thanks for a great New York Notary class – it was enjoyable and very informative.

Thank you so much for your NY Notary class on March 25, 2011. I would not have passed the test without your instruction and support.

I did as you said and took the test on April 5, 2011. Had the results on Saturday April 9, 2011. I was a wreck while I held that letter from the State. 

I could not wait, and ripped opened my letter then got very shakey because it was so thick!

My husband was laughing at me because I started to jump up and down when I saw that I PASSED. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much.
Hello Gerry,
This is note to let you know that I have passed my New York Notary exam. I have taken your course a few weeks ago and I found it very helpful. Thank you for your assistance and keep up the good work!

All the Best,
Gerrie, I PASSED the exam!!! You’re the best – I couldn’t have done it without you!!!!

Many thanks,

Good Morning Gerrie,
I attended your class in Rochester on the 11th. Took the exam on the 16th and on the 25th received the notification that I PASSED the New York Notary exam!!

Taking your class definitely was the "key" in my ability to feel confident going in to take the Notary exam and passing.

Thanks so much.
Gerrie, Thank you for being so kind. As soon as I read your New York Notary manual I went straight to take a NY Notary exam and just got the results which say "PASSED"!!!

I really appreciate it you are the best, God Bless You.
Sincerely, and with the Best Regards
Gerrie, I felt very well prepared for the NY Notary Exam. Everything you mentioned
and/or advised to study for was on the Notary Exam. No surprises!
I'm glad I took the Notary course with you and then very quickly taking the exam while
the information was still preserved in my memory. You are the best! 

Thank you J.
Gerrie, Your online Notary course was great! I took the New York State Notary Exam (I'm confidant I PASSED).

Thank you,
I took your class Jan 28, in Rochester. I wanted to let you know that I passed the Notary Exam the first time. Only took me 20 min! I was a little nervous, but once I started the the test everything you showed us in class was right there! You hit on almost all of the points in the test. I just mailed out my Notary application.

Thanks again. Once I get the slip back I will be ordering my New York Notary supplies.
Hi Gerrie,
I just wanted to let you know that I PASSED the New York Notary Examination!!
Keeping up with your class PASS percentage is VERY important...I didn't want to let you down :).

I received my notification by mail ten (10) days after taking the Notary exam just as you said I would. Thanks for all of your help and advice.

Just wanted to drop a note to say that I "PASSED" the New York Notary test and wanted to thank you. Your book Prepare and Pass the NY Notary Exam was a great help. 

Thanks again!
Wow!! I passed the New York Notary Exam!! I was so excited and surprised. Everything you said would possibly be on the test was there! I knew the answers to it all. Your vocabulary words really helped me to pass. You are the best!!

Thank You So Much!!
Jean D.

When I do a notarization for an individual I always give a Receipt. Yours are the only “Notary Receipt Book" I’ve seen that are; in my opinion; geared towards  the notarizations which perform.

I initially searched high and low for them before finding yours at www.NotaryTrainer.com. Now, I get two or three books at a time and make sure I don’t run out!

Thank you,

I just received my notice from NYS Dept. of State and I PASSED my NY Notary examination! WOO-HOO!

I know it was studying the book you wrote Prepare and Pass the NYS Notary Exam, that got me through it easily.

I finished the Notary test in just about 15 minutes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

P.S. I'm telling everyone in my Paralegal classes about your website and Notary learning aids for New York.

You and your (New York Notary) class were incredibly helpful!! You were spot-on with the (Notary) information we needed to know, the wording and verbiage used in the examination, and instructions needed to pass.

I could not have done it without you and would highly (!!!) recommend you and your (New York Notary) course to anyone looking to become a Notary.

Thank you!!!! Amy

Yes! I was able to download my NY Notary Ebook easily. And what a fantastic instruction manual! It saved the day - I'm taking the Notary examination this morning and I feel prepared.

Thank you so much.
I had attended your New York seminar and wanted to let you know that I had taken the Notary test the very next Wednesday after the class on Thursday!

I have received my results back and I PASSED.  I just wanted to let you know that upon leaving the Notary examination site I was certain that I had gotten, at the very least, 37 or 38 correct out of 40 questions and had narrowed the remaining questions down to what I was almost as certain was correct.

I wanted to thank you for a very helpful class...you were dead-on for just about everything.
Thanks again,
Good Morning,

It's me, I took your class on Oct. 18. Well I'm really thankful because thanks to you I was able to PASS the NY Notary test. I'm really happy and I just wanted to share it with you.
Thanks again,  GRACIAS

You were right on point! Your New York Notary Test Preparation book Prepare and Pass the NY Notary Exam is spot on ... don't change anything!  I passed the Notary Examination the FIRST time thanks to YOU and your Notary book!

Hi Gerrie! I took your class last Monday in Rochester.  I took the test the following day in Buffalo, NY(as you suggested) and I got my pass score yesterday.

I just wanted to let you know and to say thank you!!

Rochester, NY



You are the VERY best!!  I just wanted you to know this. I just began a job after finishing 4 years of school and my boss said I have to become a New York Notary.  He said he took the exam about 5 times before he passed.  The previous Administrative staff took it 4 or 5 times as well.

I was mortified.  I call YOU and you explained it all to me!  You assured me that I would take the exam once and PASS!  Well, I got the Prepare and Pass Book!! I was hoping that you would be correct and that I would PASS. I really did not believe I would as people at work said they took it several times; well they are pretty smart people.

Well, I did what you said in the book, took all of the quizzes and practice exams. I took the actualy Notary exam in Syracuse last week for the first time!  I met so many people who were there for the third or fourth time!  The staff said that people do not often pass.  I was really scared. Could I pass, it seemed so easy after your book?

Well, I got my score sheet back!!!! PASSED!!! The First-Time, my boss and co-workers could not believe it!! I am now thought of as the smartest person there!! Not bad for a 23 year old first time on the job. 



I felt very well prepared for the New York Notary exam. Everything you mentioned
and/or advised to study for was on the Notary exam. No surprises.  I'm glad that I
took the New York Notary Preparation course with you and then very quickly taking the exam while the information was still preserved in my memory.

Thank you


Of course I passed the NY Notary Exam and got my notice in the mail today.

I just took the test on that Wednessday after I trained with you that Monday in Rochester.

I will send everything to the state and will order supplies from you soon.

I really enjoyed meeting you and being trained by you. I love when people are
passionate about their careers.  Have a great year and great business year.


Hi Gerrie,

Just a note of thanks for your New York Home Study Guide “Prepare and Pass the New York State Notary Exam”.   It was a great help to me in passing the Notary exam.

I just placed my order for my needed supplies on your website.  Thank you again.



Hi Gerrie

I'm emailing you to thank you for your New York Notary CD ROM it was very helpfull.  I took the NY Notary test yesterday and I think my mark was in the 90's thanks to you!!!

PS I hope you can be in touch with me regarding how I can get to watch actual notarisations & loan closings.

Thanks again & KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK!!


You are the Queen of Notaries. I took the New York Notary test this morning, Wednessday. We all finished within 20 minutes.  I was last because I was trying to get a perfect score.  I am confident that I passed with an 80% or better. 

Your Notary class on Monday, the Notary class study guide with all the test and the additional online Notary exams helped me to learn the material and focus on the things which I needed to learn better.
Here in Rochester, NY they never opened the doors until 9:25.


Hi Gerrie!

I am proud to announce that I have received my New York Notary Commission Card! :)

Thank you so much for your Notary class and help with the Notary Examinaiton!

Your New York Notary class was fantastic! I am excited to receive my New York State Notary Public Supplies from NotaryTrainer.com.

Thanks again,


Hi Gerrie,

I was in your class in Rochester and I took the test on the same week…


I just received my PASS slip today and I am mailing in the Notary application to Albany. Thank you so much for the great Notary class I really do think that anyone can pass the Notary exam after taking your course!!

You are very thorough!!! I look forward to receiving my appointment with the State before the summer is over I hope…as soon as I get confirmation I will of course get my supplies from you!!

Thanks again for making the class fun and educational.

Hi Gerrie,

I wanted to let you know that another of the class has passed the New York Notary test. Joseph got his notification yesterday. I believe that makes six for six from our class who took the New York Notary exam.

See you at the next New York Notary Class. There are 9 people attending the next class.



I wanted to thank you for writing a New York Notary book that made it possible to pass the NY State Notary Public Examination on the very first (1st) try!

I spent 2 weeks and 3 hours a day studying and it payed off. Your New York Notary book covered every question that was on the Notary exam!!

Anyone who truly reads your Notary book "Prepare and Pass the New York Notary Exam" will pass the  Notary Examination very first time out.

Again THANK YOU for making it possible to be a New York Notary Public.

Mike W.



I passed the New York Notary Exam! Thank You Gerrie for all the help you provided me.   You have been so good to me and I just wanted to let you know how I appreciated it.

I mailed my New York Notary application to Albany, NY and will speak to you in a few weeks to order everything I need to perform my job as a New York Notary Public!!

Thank you again,

Thanks so much for your great course and all your help! Your training gave me the confidence I needed after several failed attempts to go back and do it again but with the correct knowledge.

I wish I would've taken your course sooner. :-) Have a great holiday weekend!

Best Regards,

Hello Gerrie -

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your New York Notary class that I attended on April 19, 2010 in New York.

I really enjoyed the class, and your teaching style. It made things so much clearer for me.

Before I took the NY Notary class, I read through the New York Notary Law Manual about 2 times. But one of two things would happen when I was studying:

  • I would finish the page saying to myself "what the heck did I just read???" or
  • I would fall asleep

    But because of you and your NY Notary Public Class, I was able to follow your lesson as you went through your Notary guide after the class and not only did you make things so much clearer for me, you kept me interested in the materials and I did not get bored (which is a feat in itself (smile))! I thank you for taking to time to put together a helpful NY Notary seminar.

  • I took the test on April 21st, and two weeks later to the day, I am happy to report that I received my PASS slip in the mail.

    Thanks for EVERYTHING!

    Kerensa (Class of 2010)


    Hi Gerrie, my name is Maria and I took you class in Rochester, NY on March 29th. I just wanted to let you know that I just received my results and I passed the test.

    I am sending out my application today. I did order supplies from you but I know I have to wait to get my ID card and number first.

    Just wanted to thank you for helping me pass the test.
    I took your New York Notary class ;  I received the notice today that I passed the New York Notary Examination. The class was easy to follow and very informative. It made taking the test so much easier.


    Hello Gerrie,

    I just wanted to write you a little e-mail to say thank you for your class and your study guide. I took my test on April 7th and passed. I do have a funny story about my test taking.

    I went in to take my test at 11:00 in Rochester, NY and was very nervous (its been 14 years since I have taken a test). They tell us to begin our test.  I completed all 40 questions in ten (10) minutes!

    I sit there and think to myself that there is no way that I am going to pass!  I then decide to go back thru the test and did not change an answer. So now it's been an additional ten (10) minutes. I decided that I am done and turn in my test.

    As soon as I am out of the building I call my sister (who is a college student) and tell her my story. She says well you either know your stuff and did great or you think you know your stuff and failed horribly.

    So, when I received the PASSED stamp I took a picture of it with my cell phone and text it to everyone I know.

    Thank you again!

    Hello Gerrie,
    I passed the New York Notary Exam! Thank you so much for the Notary class. I am sending in my application to become a Notary to Albany, NY today.
    Jonathan C.

    On Monday, April 19, 2010 I attended your NY Notary Seminar.  I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and got so much more sustainable information that the online course.  I left the seminar confident and looking forward to taking the exam…until I took the 6 practice exams at the end of the New York Notary Preparation Workbook. 

    I FAILED ALL SIX (6) EXAMS, even the one I thought I aced!  I studied on Tuesday night after work.  I studied Wednesday morning before leaving to go to the NY Notary examination, I even studied in the parking lot before going into the Notary examination.  With not much confidence under my belt I entered the testing room.  SURPRISE, the test didn't seem that hard. You were right!  You said the NY Notary Examination would be easy in class.  There were only 2 or 3 questions I wasn't confident about.

    I didn't call or email you earlier because I remembered you said "anyone that takes the New York Notary course on Monday and takes the Notary test on Wednesday always passes".  I thought I was going to change that record and that I would be calling to tell you I failed.
    Yesterday, I received my notification from Albany…guess what?  I PASSED the Notary Exam!!  HOORAY!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I'm sending in my Notary application and signed affidavit in today.   I'm so excited, now I can't wait to get started as a New York State Notary Public.
    Thank you again.

    Good Morning Gerrie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I had taken your Notary Training class here in Rochester, NY in March and I passed the New York Notary test!

    Needless to say, I was very happy and also happy to know that it was because I took your New York Notary class. That definitely helped me!

    Now, all I have to do is wait for my New York Notary ID card (which they said could take up to two (2) months)! I’ll contact you again to order New York Notary Supplies.

    Again, thank you for your help.

    Dear Gerrie,

    I took your New York Notary class in New York City about a month ago. I passed on the first (1st) try, and I just received my certificate from Albany in the mail.



    I took your online seminar for NY Notary in December-January and passed the test no problem.
    Tim - Cohoes, NY


    I passed the New York Notary exam.  Thanks!! 


    I received my Notary Supplies today and they are great!! Thanks again for your thorough training and prompt response to emails sent. I hope you have a great rest of the year!! It has been a pleasure working with you!!

    Hi Gerrie,

    I was in your class in Rochester on 3/29/10 and I took the test on 3/31/10…I PASSED!!!! I just received my PASS slip today and am mailing in the application. Thank you so much for the class I really do think that anyone can pass the exam after taking your course!!

    You are very thorough!!! I look forward to receiving my appointment with the State before the summer is over I hope…as soon as I get confirmation I will of course get my supplies from you!! Thanks again for making the class fun and educational.


    Good Morning Gerrie!
    Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful class and hope you are doing well.

    I was notified in yesterdays mail that I " PASSED " my test. It is in great part due to you and your class. You made the somewhat dry material take on a new life and it was truly a fun day of learning.

    My paperwork is going in the mail today and I will be in touch.

    Thank you again for your support and for sharing yourself with me - it made a big difference!
    Mary Ann

    I recently passed the New York State Notary Public examination and received my identification card from the State of New York. I'm interested in the New York Notary Public supply package that was advertised in the back of my NY Notary Trainer E-book.

    Thanks, Theresa

    I just wanted to let you know; your favorite beverage employee passed his New York Notary test. I got the PASS slip in the mail yesterday.

    So, I will start the application process today.
    Thanks for all of your help!

    Hi There,

    I just wanted you to know that the course was EXCELLENT. The test was therefore quite simple due to your excellent instruction, and I got the "PASSED" result earlier this week.

    Thanks for everything.
    Best regards,

    Please let Gerrie know that she was just TERRIFIC and honestly, that I would’ve never passed that test on the first round if it weren’t for her awesome one-day course!

    I have to say that only myself and one other gal who took Gerrie’s course in Jan/Feb sat for the Notary examination on the FIRST available test date in NYC.

    We both passed, by the way – but I gotta tell you that Gerrie was right about taking the examination on the first available date after the seminar.

    The Notary exam was hard, by the way! You either know the material or you don’t! 



    I received my New York Notary Supplies today and they are great!!

    Thanks again for your thorough Notary training and prompt response to emails sent. I hope you have a great rest of the year!!

    It has been a pleasure working with you!!


    Kristie W.

    New York State must be processing things a bit faster, I received my New York Notary Commission Card on 5/7/10!! I just ordered my supplies from you on
    www.NotaryTrainer.com as well.

    Thank you again for such a GREAT Notary class (taken on March 29th)!!